What Is Interior Design?

Interior design. You’ve almost certainly heard the term
before, but have you ever wondered “What is interior design exactly?”
If so, don’t feel badly. Most people don’t know exactly what interior design

Basically, interior design includes all aspects of planning
the interior of a building. Most interior designers specialize in designing
spaces for certain types of buildings, such as homes, offices, hotels or retail
businesses. For the sake of this blog post, we’ll be focusing mostly on what
residential interior design is.

An interior designer can design or assist with:

– The Interior Construction of a Home

If you’re remodeling
or building a new home, an interior designer can help you determine how to
frame the home to make the best use of the available space, allow people to
move easily through a home and make a home conducive to your lifestyle.

– Establishing Themes and Palettes

Interior designers
can help you determine what decorative theme or decor scheme will suit your
tastes and recommend what colors to use in one room or throughout a home.

– Furniture

When designing or redesigning a room, an
interior designer decides where furniture should be placed to make the room as
functional and as fashionable as possible. Interior designers also assist with
the selection of furniture, using the client’s budget as a guide.

– Other Elements of the Room

Interior designers
can help you select the right draperies, floor coverings, wall coverings or
paints and more. They also provide advice about lighting and can design both
wired and supplemental lighting layouts for rooms. In addition, interior
designers can help select decorative items like artwork, sculpture and home

Many people mistakenly believe that only the very wealthy
can use interior designers. The truth is that people who have limited budgets
for redecorating can actually benefit greatly from the help of an interior
designer who will know how to make the most of the money available to get best

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