VIDEO – 7 Bedroom Decorating Tips

Tiny Tips Tuesday is a segment, where every Tuesday we will bring you fun and informative videos involving great tips for around the home. Today we will be talking about 7 bedroom decorating tips.

A bedroom is a space where you can go to get away, relax and
have some time to yourself. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so you
want it to reflect your own personality and style. These decorating tips are an
easy and inexpensive way to revamp your bedroom.

Tip one is to pile on the pillows, you can never have too
many pillows. Mix and match different patterns and sizes and don’t be afraid to
layer them on top of your bed. Pillows
can easily dress up a room and are the perfect embellishment.

Tip two is to use rugs. Rugs are a great way to add some color
and texture to your room, whether you have hardwood or carpeted floors, they’re
perfect to transform a room.

Using throws is great way to cozy up any bedroom. For tip
three use plush or any textured throw to place on your bed. Not only can you
cuddle up in it but it’s a great easy way to add some decoration to your room.

Tip four is to use some fun print or colorful accent pieces.
Whether that be a printed lamp shade, a piece of wall art, or a bright piece of
art glass, these pieces are the perfect way to inject hints of color or pattern
without having to commit to them.

For tip five add a gorgeous light fixture to your room.
There are so many options when it comes to lighting but opt for a wall lamp.
This will give you more room on your nightstand. It will also allow you enough
light to read a good book or just relax.

If you’re not crazy about using bold colors or bright
patterns, that is perfectly fine. For tip six, opt for a neutral palette if you
want your room to be a little more subtle. Having a neutral toned room gives
the bedroom a more relaxed, calming feeling.

The last tip is to hide your electronics. We all know the
bedroom is the perfect place to binge watch your favorite television shows but
having your television out for everyone to see isn’t exactly visually appealing.
Put your visible electronics away by putting them in a beautiful cabinet or placing
them on a modern media unit.

Thank you for watching our 7 bedroom decorating tips video,
we hope you’ve enjoyed and will use some of these great ideas! Don’t forget to visit our
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