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Time is a never ending thing. It pushes us into the future unrelentingly with no pauses or breaks along the way. There is no way to stop time or to slow it down or even speed it up, but one can easily keep track of just how much time has passed and do so in a beautiful way with a stunning modern clock. Unlike the underwhelming ones found in offices or cafeterias, the clocks offered here at ModernDomicile have a unique and contemporary appearance that will have you looking forward to the passing of the time instead of wishing you could stop it. Have a look at some of the clocks we have to offer and then shop for the perfect clock gifts for your loved one this holiday season.

Global Views Clock Gifts – Cog Desk ClockCog Desk Clock by Global Views Clock Gifts

This incredible desk clock by Global Views is a sturdy but lightweight clock that sits perfectly atop any console table or desk. It measures 3″ long, 3″ wide and 12″ tall, and, weighing only 10lbs, this clock is nice and compact while still being simple to read. The numbers on the clock face are represented in four quarters by small silver studs. From the inside out juts long, tapered, silver bars. The entire clock sits on a pedestal that supports a metal bar which holds the clock above it.

Nuevo Living Clock Gifts – Concentric Wall ClockConcentric Wall Clock by Nuevo Living Clock Gifts

The Concentric Wall Clock is a stunning way to display the time and is as modern as it gets when it comes to giving clock gifts. Measuring at 12″ by 1″ by 12″, this clock by Nuevo Living boasts a reliable Taiwanese movement and requires 1 AA battery to function. It is circular in shape and features rings that alternate between a light silver and darker one for a dazzling effect on your wall. The hands seem to rest beneath the clock face, giving a unique visual appeal. In lieu of the modern aesthetic, there are no numbers on the clock; this is a stripped down clock face, providing decoration but only at the bare minimum.

Nuevo Living Clock Gifts – Pendant Wall Clock Pendant Wall Clock by Nuevo Living Clock Gifts

The Pendant wall clock gives its owners a chance to use a thinner, super contemporary clock that is stripped down to almost nothing. This minimalist design clock measures at 27″ by 3″ by 3″ and has an acrylic face with an aluminum pendulum. It requires 2 AA batteries to run. Tall and slender, this clock features an hour and minute hand that extend completely off of its unmarked clock face that lends an even more modern effect.

Choosing the right clock gifts for keeping time is simple with ModernDomicile’s collection of contemporary clocks. Each one brings its own personal flair to a table or wall and can easily solve a gift-giving quest that will be truly appreciated. Shop our entire collection of decorative clocks and contact us for assistance in picking out which clock would be best for your friend or family member’s modern home.

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