Old World Room Decor Ideas Collection

Old World may conjure images of antiques, but it can also be a modern interior design style that makes living rooms look stately and sophisticated. An Old World living room features pieces that are inspired by traditional designs but that reflect a more modern approach to decorating, giving you the best of both old and new in one room design. Our Old World room decor ideas collection includes pieces that you can easily integrate into your modern living room design for a touch of European flair.


  1. Global Views Iron & Leather Wing Chair

Iron/Leather Wing Chair by Global Views

What It Is: A high backed chair with a wrought iron frame and a chocolate brown leather seat


Why You’ll Love It:


The wrought iron frame with finals gives this seat that Old World look, but the curve of its sides and the clean lines formed by the back and the arms are modern at the same time.


How to Use It in Your Room Decor Ideas:


Place one of these chairs on either side of a console table along an open wall or arrange two off to the side with an Old World side table like the Global Views Document Box End Table to create a secondary seating area.




  1. Global Views Iron and Stone Oval Coffee Table

 Global Views - Iron and Stone Oval Coffee Table

What It Is: An exquisite oval-shaped coffee table with a brass colored iron frame, a white stone top and a matching white under shelf


Why You’ll Love It:


This chic coffee table allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural stone but in a white hue that will brighten up your space. The elegant iron frame has Old World appeal, but this piece will easily look at home in front of a modern sofa.


How to Use It in Your Room Decor Ideas:


Make this table the focal point of your space by centering it in the middle of your main seating area. Use a ceiling light or pendant lamp to illuminate it or place an eye-catching piece of glassware or art in its middle to command attention.



  1. Zuo Modern Canary Ceiling Lamp



What It Is: A whimsical pendant lamp shaped like a bird cage and outfitted with 12 E12 Type F candle bulbs and trails of beautiful precision cut faceted crystals


Why You’ll Love It:


Inspired by the Victorian Age, this lamp is reminiscent of antiques but the perfect contemporary lighting solution for any living room.


How to Use It in Your Room Decor Ideas:


Hang this light above the sofa or coffee table as a primary source of overhead illumination or use it to add interest to a secondary seating area positioned in a corner.



These are just some of the many contemporary living room furniture and fashionable home accessories that you can incorporate into your own Old World room decor ideas. Shop our entire collection or get in touch with us for customized recommendations.

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