Minimalist Interior Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist interior design is incredibly popular right now for every room of the home, and in the bedroom, a more minimal modern look can be very appealing. A minimalist bedroom has a simple, clean look that can encourage relaxation and rest as it soothes the senses, particularly if you choose a color scheme in cool shades. The minimalist interior design bedroom collection is designed to help you discover beautiful pieces to include in your minimalist bedroom.

Minimalist Beds

The bed is the focal point of nearly all bedroom designs, and in many cases, it’s the largest piece of furniture in the space. Choosing a minimalist bed can set the scene for your minimalist bedroom in the perfect way because the piece of furniture will dominate the space so much. You can find minimalist beds in all sizes and in traditional styles and platform box styles that eliminate the need for a box spring.


Pieces to Try in Your Minimalist Interior Design:

Boxer Bed by Nuevo Living

Boxer Bed by Nuevo Living

Modloft – Jane Bed – King


Jane Bed - King by Modloft White

Modloft – Chelsea Bed – King

Gus Modern – Gardiner Bed

Gus Modern - Gardiner Bed - Cabana Husk/Urban Tweed Ink Lining - Room Setting


Minimalist Interior Nightstands

Nightstands aren’t necessarily required for a minimalist modern bedroom. In some cases, a simple wall shelf may be used to hold a modern bedside lamp and an alarm clock, or you may decide to keep the area to either side of the bed entirely open. In many bedrooms, though, nightstands play an important functional role by providing storage space. You can pair minimalist nightstands with any style of bed due to their overall simplicity, but they work very nicely with very modern bed designs.

Pieces to Try in Your Minimalist Interior Design:

Brownstone – Townsend Nightstand
Townsend Nightstand by Brownstone

Brownstone – Mercer Nightstand

Mercer Nightstand by Brownstone

Modloft – Jane Nightstand

Jane Nightstand by Modloft White Lacquer

Modloft – Park Nightstand

Modloft - Park Nightstand

Minimalist Interior Dressers

Every bedroom requires some type of storage furniture for keeping clothing and linens stored until they’re ready for use. Choosing minimalist pieces for your bedroom design can reinforce the theme of the room. You can find minimalist modern dressers in a wide variety of sizes to suit every storage need.

Pieces to Try in Your Minimalist Interior Design:

Brownstone – Townsend Seven Drawer Dresser

Townsend Seven Drawer Dresser by Brownstone

Brownstone – Mercer Dresser

Mercer Dresser by Brownstone

Modloft – Jane Dresser

Jane Dresser by Modloft

Modloft – Park Tallboy Dresser

Modloft - Park Tallboy Dresser


Keep in mind that minimalist modern decor can be suitable not just for the master bedroom, but also for the guest room or even a teenager’s bedroom. At ModernDomicile, you’ll find a wide range of contemporary bedroom furniture that will complement a minimalist interior design. Shop our complete collection of modern beds, stylish nightstands and fashionable dressers to discover other unique pieces for your home. You can also contact us for assistance selecting minimalist pieces for your bedroom design.

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