Guest Bedroom Ideas Collection

When guests will be staying overnight, you want them to feel completely relaxed and at ease. Even if you have a busy schedule of visiting planned, you still want to ensure that your guests have a comfortable, attractive place to retire to at the end of the day. Our guest bedroom ideas collection can help you create that perfect space that will have guests feeling like they are in a luxury hotel while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of home.

A Comfortable Bed

Of course, you want to have a firm, comfortable mattress for your guests to sleep on, but more goes into making up the perfect bed than just the mattress! A padded or upholstered headboard makes a guest bedroom cozier and more luxurious, and you can find styles to match all types of guest bedroom design schemes.


Pieces to Try for Guest Bedroom Ideas:

Amelie King Bed Black by Zuo ModernZuo Modern – Amelie King Bed Black


Metropolitan Bed Set by BrownstoneBrownstone-Metropolitan Bed Set


Zuo Modern  Godard Queen Bed EspressoZuo Modern Godard Queen Bed Espresso


Madison Bed by BrownstoneBrownstone-Madison Bed


 Beautiful Table Lamps

Many people neglect task lighting in the guest bedroom because the room is not frequently used; however, guests will appreciate being able to keep a lamp on until they are settled into bed and being able to quickly switch it off when they’re ready to snooze. Purchase table lamps to place on the nightstand or nightstands or mount a wall shelf beside the bed and place a lamp on it.

Pieces to Try for Guest Bedroom Ideas:

 Miami Table Lamp with Silver ShadeMiami Table Lamp

Water Table Lamp by Nuevo LivingWater Table Lamp by Nuevo Living


Quatrefoil Elongated Lamp-Antique Gold-Sm by Studio AStudio A – Quatrefoil Elongated Lamp-Antique Gold-Sm


Zuo Modern  Sprint Table Lamp RustZuo Modern Sprint Table Lamp Rust



Warm Rugs for the Floor

If you have hard flooring in the bedroom, place a rug on either side of the bed or at least on one side to give your guests a comfortable place to step in the morning. The rug will also absorb noise vibrations to make the room quieter.


Pieces to Try for Guest Bedroom Ideas:

Image 1MAT The Basics –Marrakesh Beige


MAT Orange - Catena Trenza Aqua RugMAT Orange – Catena Trenza Aqua


Executive Ribbon Rug by DreamweaversDreamweavers – Executive Ribbon Rug


Festival - FHT 2594 GreenFestival – FHT 2594 Rug


A Modern Clock

Even though people today typically travel with cell phones and tablets that tell time, having an attractive clock on the wall or dresser that’s set to local time is a nice gesture. This way, guests can see the time even if their devices are charging and be able to adjust their watches to the right time if needed.

Pieces to Try for Guest Bedroom Ideas:

Petal Clock by Global ViewsPetal Clock by Global Views


Concentric Wall Clock by Nuevo LivingConcentric Wall Clock by Nuevo Living


Pointed Star Clock-Brass by Global Views  Product Code  9.92419Pointed Star Clock-Brass by Global Views

Pendant Wall Clock by Nuevo LivingPendant Wall Clock by Nuevo Living


A Bowl of Goodies

Give your guests a welcome gift by filling a decorative glass bowl with fresh fruit, small gifts from your local area, toiletries or other items. When the bowl is empty, it will still serve as a beautiful decoration in the guest bedroom.


Pieces to Try for Guest Bedroom Ideas:

Chiseled Blonde/Bronze Oval Bowl by Global ViewsChiseled Blonde/Bronze Oval Bowl by Global Views

Almond Hammered Bowl - Black | 9.921Almond Hammered Bow – Black

Coupe Shaped Bowl by Global ViewsCoupe Shaped Bowl by Global Views

Blue Ghost Flower Bowl by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Blue Ghost Flower Bowl-Sm


At ModernDomicile, you’ll find everything that you need to furnish and decorate your guest bedroom. Our modern bedroom collection and contemporary home accessories range is filled with pieces that are sure to inspire more guest bedroom ideas. You can also contact us for assistance selecting the right pieces for your guest bedroom.

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