Gifts for Folks with a Green Thumb

Do you know someone who simply cannot keep themselves inside or their hands out of the soil? Someone who loves bringing life into the world in an understated way through gardening? If your friend or family member has the green thumb and spends most of their time tending the garden, a fantastic gift for them this holiday season is something that supports and encourages their hobby. ModernDomicile offers a selection of gifts for the gardener in your life that they will thank you for with every use they get out of it.

+Stylish Planters+ 

It goes without saying that a nice planter is the ultimate gift for someone who loves to garden. A planter allows its owner to bring some of their hard work outside indoors for their viewing pleasure. Fashionable planters add an extra layer of appeal to the already visually stunning collection of flowers, herbs or succulents that are planted within them.

Gifts for Planters:

Gus Modern – Fruit TroughGus Modern - Fruit Trough - Room Setting Green ThumbHead Planter WhiteHead Planter White Green ThumbStudio A – Oxus Orchid Pot BronzeOxus Orchid Pot-Bronze by Studio A Green ThumbStudio A – Wise EggWise Egg - Antique Gold Leaf by Studio AStudio A – Quatrefoil Elongated Planter Matte GoldQuatrefoil Elongated Planter-Matte Gold by Studio A

+Gorgeous Vases for Folks with a Green Thumb+ 

Vases are another way to bring the outside inside. Perfect for homegrown flowers or those bought at the market, vases can be placed virtually anywhere in the home for those green thumb lovers. No matter where the earthy materials came from, the gardener in your life will surely love to display them in a sophisticated vase for all of their guests to enjoy as much as they do. 

Gifts for Vases:

Ares Recycled Glass Vases – AmberAres Recycled Glass Vases Green ThumbGlobal Views – Blue Spots VaseBlue Spots Vase by Global Views Green ThumbGlobal Views – Bulb Shape Vase WhiteBulb Shape Vase-White-Sm by Global Views Product Code 8.82044Chiseled Birds Egg VaseChiseled Bird's Egg Vase - Large | 1623 Green ThumbChrysanthemum Vase Matte GoldChrysanthemum Vase - Matte Gold | 8.821 Green Thumb

+Shelving for Storing Potted Plants+ 

By gifting your loved one shelves or racks, you are giving them a chance to display their potted plants in a number of ways. You can gift them shelving units for showing off their plants and flowers indoors on any wall in the house. Shelves with plants look exceptionally great along long corridors. You may also wish to gift them tall, multi-shelved racks for easy storage of potted plants that need just a little bit more sunlight than they would get indoors.

Gifts for Storage:

Nuevo Living – Amici Shelving UnitAmici Shelving Unit by Nuevo Living Green ThumbEuro Style – Barney ShelfBarney Shelf by Euro Style Wenge Green ThumbEuro Style – Sienna Shelving UnitSienna Shelving Unit by Euro Style Grey Green ThumbURBN – Melvyn 39in Wall ShelfURBN - Melvyn 39in. Wall Shelf Green Thumb

+Outdoor Furniture+ 

Gardeners often spend much of their time working outdoors in the hot sun. Give them a gift of respite with some chaises or chairs for the patio or deck, or give them a table on which they can work on certain projects with ease and without tracking dirt inside.

Gifts for Outdoor Furniture:

Euro Style – Arden TableArden Table by Euro Style Front Green ThumbEuro Style – Sheldon Dining TableSheldon Dining Table by Euro Style Green ThumbEuro Style – Sherwood TableSherwood Table by Euro Style Green ThumbZuo Modern – Boracay ChairBoracay Chair by Zuo Modern Green ThumbZuo Modern – Atlantic Double Chaise LoungeImage 1 Zuo Modern - Atlantic Double Chaise Lounge Green Thumb

ModernDomicile is pleased to bring you a variety of gifts for those who love to live outdoors–gardening or entertaining friends. Browse our diverse collection of useful items and outdoor furniture that will have your loved one spending more time outside than ever before. Contact us for any style advice or questions you might have!

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