Gifts with Floral Appeal

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite flowery friend? You know the one–vases all over the house, floral print on their clothing, and maybe even a daisy in their hair. If your loved one gets excited over flowers and blooms, look no further than this pretty collection of modern decor that features undeniable floral features in a contemporary way from ModernDomicile.

+Sleek Chargers and Plates+

If you’re looking for a nice statement piece to gift, chargers are an excellent choice. Chargers are a perfect decorative piece to be displayed almost anywhere in the home. They look great on kitchen countertops, console tables and coffee tables. Give your friends a floral charger this holiday season–maybe even one that matches their finer dining sets.

Global Views – Blue Ghost Flower Charger SmallBlue Ghost Flower Charger by Global Views Floral GiftsPoppy PlatePoppy Plate | 1.10325 Floral Gifts

Poppy Plate StandPoppy Plate Stand | 1.10235 Floral Solitaire ChargerSolitaire Charger | 1.1009 Floral

+Flower-Themed Decorative Accents+ 

From the little nook on the bookcase to console tables to window sills, there is no place that one cannot put a decorative accent. These adaptive floral pieces take their cues from the natural world and inspire your loved one to set them around the house with diverse and perhaps random placement, much like flowers are to be found in the wild.

Studio A – Volcano Flower NaturalVolcano Flower Natural-Sm by Studio A FloralGlobal Views – Anthurium LeafAnthurium Leaf by Global Views FloralGlobal Views – Deco Blue Rose Vase – SmallDeco Blue Rose Vase by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Golden DandelionGolden Dandelion by Global Views Floral

+Blooming Sculptures+ 

Sculptures are beautiful, three-dimensional art pieces that give their owners the delight of their visual appeal and versatile usage. Some are great as wallflowers while others look best rooted on a solid surface like a console table or desk top. Give any room in the house some depth and add beautiful art wherever it may be needed with floral sculptures from ModernDomicile.

Global Views – Agave Sculpture Matte WhiteAgave Sculpture-Matte White by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Black Eyed Susan PaperweightBlack-eyed Susan Paperweight by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Black Eyed Susan TrioBlack-eyed Susan Trio by Global Views FloralPoppy Pod SculpturePoppy Pod Sculpture Multi | 8.81674Global Views – Texas Dandelion SculptureTexas Dandelion Sculpture by Global Views Floral

+Floral Inspired Rugs+ 

Rugs warm up any space by adding both comfort and style to a living area, entryway, corridor or bedroom. They draw the eye from ceiling to floor, completing a room without overwhelming it. These floral rugs aim to do just that with fashionable flowers that stick with the modern look of your family or friend’s home.

MAT the Basics – Flora GreenImage 1 MAT The Basics - Flora GreenMAT the Basics – Newport CharcoalImage 1 MAT The Basics - Newport CharcoalMAT the Basics – Jasmine VioletMAT The Basics - Jasmine Violet Rug FloralMAT the Basics – Toronto BeigeMAT The Basics - Toronto Beige Rug FloralMAT the Basics – Poppy Orange

Bringing a touch of nature into a modern home can round out any space with just a dash of the softness and fragility of those beautiful blooms. A gift of floral-inspired decor for the nature lover you know is a gift that is thoughtful and beautiful and will be appreciated for years to come by its recipient as floral designs never go out of style. Shop our extensive collection of contemporary flowery designs and contact ModernDomicile for any assistance or advice you for decorating ideas.

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