Gifts for Animal Lovers

For the animal lovers out there, critters hold a special place in their hearts. Whether they host a couple of dogs at home or love animals of the wild more, there is something to be said about the connection between man and beast. Hone in on that deep love by offering a housewarming gift that speaks to their admiration of animals of all kinds. ModernDomicile offers a wide selection of animal-themed art and decor that serves as an excellent housewarming present for the animal enthusiast in your life.

+Brilliant Art Glass+

Glass can be made to take the shape of virtually anything, and that, of course, does include animals. Implementing glass art into one’s home makes it more ethereal and beautiful, and ModernDomicile’s glass art allows you to achieve both while still sticking with a contemporary theme–this time, one that includes all of the profound beauty of nature. Gift your loved one a present of expertly crafted glass animals that brings all of the earth’s natural beauty inside of their home in a modern way.

Pieces to Try for Art Glass:

Global Views – Glass Kiwi Bird with BaseGlass Kiwi Bird w/Base by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Golden Angel FishGolden Angel Fish by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Octopus BlueOctopus by Global Views AnimalLoversGlobal Views – Green Glass Tree FrogGreen Glass Tree Frog by Global Views Animal Lovers

+Stylish Decorative Animal Lovers Accents+ 

By choosing to gift someone a variety of decorative animal accents, you are giving them the freedom to place them wherever they may want to in their new living space. This allows them to brighten up a barren area of the wall or place their trinkets on a bookcase or desk to liven any space. Decorative accents from ModernDomicile are versatile and can be displayed anywhere in the home, making these animal-themed pieces a truly delightful and unique housewarming present.

Pieces to Try for Animal Themed Decorative Accents:

Global Views – Animal White Animal-White by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Aviary Vial HolderAviary Vial Holder by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Beetle Paper WeightBeetle Paper Weight-Brass by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Big Mama Blue BirdBig Mama Blue Bird by Global Views Product Code 8.81206Global Views – Blue Fish PlateBlue Fish Plate by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Brass Mod OwlBrass Mod Owl by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Crab Antique Nickel FinishCrab-Antique Nickel Finish by Global Views

+Bold Sculptures+

Nothing quite makes an ode to animal life more than a beautifully and masterfully created animal sculpture. From a pair of massive, prowling pumas to the smallest and daintiest of butterflies, ModernDomicile has it all. Let your loved one’s enjoyment of animals shine through in a bold and impressive way when you opt to give them a stunning and attention-grabbing sculpture, curated from the finest of sculptors.

Pieces to Try for Sculptures:

Black Puma SculpturesSitting and Twisting Puma Sculptures by Yuri ZatarainGlobal Views – Butterfly OrbButterfly Orb by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Cast Iron Horse HeadCast Iron Horse Head Sculpture by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Calling BirdCalling Bird Sculpture by Global Views Animal LoversGlobal Views – Giraffe DuoGiraffe Duo by Global Views Product Code 8.81689

Incorporating the natural world into a modern and minimalist home is not a difficult feat with ModernDomicile’s collection of animal-themed decor and art. Those who love animals will surely appreciate the extremely thoughtful gift of these animal decorations as they add it to their stylish new living space. These pieces make a perfect gift that at once shows that you are thinking of them while also taking into consideration their modern lifestyle. Shop ModernDomicile’s entire line of animal decor and art by browsing our site or by using the search function inside of the menu. Feel free to contact us with any gift advice or style questions!

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