BLOG – Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

It’s almost that time again. The time when all of your loved ones will be coming together to celebrate the holiday season. Are you hosting the family this year? Make sure your home is ready for the holidays with the perfect furniture and decor from

Bigger Dining Room Suit

In order to make sure your holiday dinners are not crowded and overwhelming, be sure that your
dining room is set up to house a number of people. If your table only seats four and you have eight coming, that poses quite a problem. Pick up a beautiful, modern dining set that includes comfortable chairs for the whole family. Throw in a new buffet for the occasion while you’re at it.

Hampton Rectangle Table by Brownstone Holidays

Spruce Up the Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

Don’t let your guests feel uncomfortable in any way in your home. In the guest room, be sure that you have a
bed big enough and comfortable enough for whoever will be gracing it with their presence. Add in some soft lighting and beautiful art to make the space truly feel welcoming and cozy without sacrificing its contemporary feel.

Mercer Curved Shelter Bed by Brownstone Holidays

Better Furniture for the Living Space

You want whoever you are entertaining to be able to hold comfortable conversations while you are in the kitchen cooking or otherwise occupied. Select furniture that allows this with
lounge chairs near the couches that are centered around a formal coffee table. For added convenience, put a sofa table along the back of your couch for your guests to use at their discretion.

Lille Chair by Global Views Holidays

Getting your home prepared for your loved ones and holiday visitors is simple with ModernDomicile. We offer a number of contemporary furniture pieces for every room in the house that you can use to better prepare for the holidays. Shop
ModernDomicile’s large array of furniture to get ready for the season and contact us for any design advice or style questions today.

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