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living area is perhaps one of the most visited areas in your home. Privately, you use it for rest and relaxation, while socially it is often used as a room for entertaining and bustling activity. Many times people make common living room decorating mistakes. The decorating cannot feel rushed or out of place if you want this space to be inviting. Make sure your living room is decorated in the best way it can be to both relax and excite you depending on the occasion with these decorating tips from ModernDomicile.

Visible Clutter

Having a messy space contributes to feeling stressed, and in your home, you should be most relaxed. Be sure to clean up your clutter by implementing
wall storage and shelves along with a few bookcases so that everything has its place.Brownstone-Chelsea Bookcase Living Room Decorating

Sad, Bare Walls

Give your guests something appealing to look at instead of a blank wall. You want your space to be invigorating and beautiful, not empty and barren. You can do this with a few pieces of stunning
wall art, such as a sculpture or painting. Wall shelves can be used to display glass art and photographs to give further depth to your room.

Folded Brass Wall Decor by Global Views


Living Room Decorating Mistake- Too “Matchy”

Don’t let your room succumb to the same color and pattern on repeat. Instead, find ways to incorporate
accent pieces such as throw blankets, throw pillows, rugs and ottomans that give you that gorgeous color or pattern without overwhelming the entire room.

Gus Modern - Kipling Ottoman - Muskoka Surf

Decorating your
living room is an important part of creating the atmosphere that you want it to bring forth. Make it modern and simplistic by reducing clutter and adding in pretty accent pieces and art that hold your guest’s attention. ModernDomicile offers a large selection of living room decorations as well as furniture to make sure your space is exactly how you like it. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or for any design ideas for your home.

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