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When faced with the many options available to you while sorting through your choices of modern
sofas, it can seem a bit difficult to discern which of these contemporary sofas are right for you. Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider first in order to choose the right modern sofa for your space, and below you will find a guide that can serve as your starting point.

Size of the Modern Sofa

Naturally, of course, size matters. It is the first thing you want to consider, no matter what sort of space you have. For a modern home, if you want the sofa to be one of the focal points–even in a smaller space–you can implement a large sofa to draw the eye. This creates a beautiful centerpiece in which the rest of the room can be centered around. In a larger space, using a smaller sized sofa will open the room up to more decorating ideas without the sofa detracting from the decor.

Gus Modern - Richmond Sofa - Cabana Hemp - Room Setting

A Contemporary Shape

A modern sofa is going to typically have sharp, squared edges and very clean lines. Often boxy in nature and very slender, contemporary sofas are accent pieces on their own. They are usually lifted off of the floor unless they are sectionals, so you will want to look for a sofa that is raised up on its feet.

Gus Modern - Carmichael Loft Sofa Modern Sofa

Minimalist or Vibrant Colors

Colors are the fun part about choosing modern sofas. Once you’ve determined which size and shape you are going to enjoy the most in your space, you can pick what exactly it looks like. Modern furniture is versatile in the sense that its colors can range from the smokiest of grays to the brightest sunshine yellow and it still works in a contemporary aesthetic.

Gus Modern Atwood Sofa - Light Blue Modern Sofa

It all comes down to what you love about modern sofas the most! From large to small, from subtle hues to vibrant explosions of colors–whatever your particular flavor, you are sure to find a contemporary sofa that you like here at ModernDomicile!

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