Best Housewarming Gifts

Moving into a new house or apartment is an exciting time, albeit a bit stressful. While it is an opportunity to refresh and renew, including redesigning the interior, it can also be a time where it feels impossible to have everything one needs for a space all at once.  Housewarming gifts are an excellent way to show a friend or loved one that you want them to feel secure and happy in their new house while assisting with making it feel like a home. Below are several items that ModernDomicile offers which would make fantastic housewarming gifts that align with the modern aesthetic.

+Versatile Art Glass+ 

Art glass is unique, colorful and diverse. As glass can be blown into essentially any shape or color, the possibilities for art glass in a home are virtually endless. If the new home owner has a certain color scheme like shades of blue or red, adhere to that palette by choosing art in the same color. Even with no decided color scheme, art glass will still look great as pops of vibrant decor for a bookcase, mantel, or wall shelving unit.

Art Glass to Try:

Global Views – Angel FishGolden Angel Fish by Global Views Housewarming GiftGlobal Views – Bonfire Flat PlateBonfire Flat Plate by Global Views Product Code 3.31194Global Views – Glass DancerGlass Dancer by Global Views Housewarming GiftGlobal Views – Glass Kiwi Bird with BaseGlass Kiwi Bird w/Base by Global Views Housewarming Gift

+Beautiful Decorative Accents+ 

Sometimes the difference between a home that feels well lived-in and one that does not is the decor. Leaving open bare, white spaces on the walls and neglecting to add visual appeal to several furniture surfaces can make a space feel drab and abandoned. Give the gift of homey-ness with some decorative accents from ModernDomicile. This includes things such as decor for the walls, vases, and little sculptures.

Décor to Try:

Global Views – Beach BottleBeach Bottle by Global Views Housewarming GiftsBlue Fish PlateBlue Fish Plate | 8.80732 Housewarming GiftsGlobal Views – Brass Library ScalesBrass Library Scales by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Carnival Egg on LegsCarnival Egg On Legs by Global Views

+Contemporary Sculptures Make Great Housewarming Gifts+ 

If your gift recipient is one who appreciates the artful side of life, one of the best ways to make them feel at home in their new apartment or house is by gifting them the thing they love most. You can shower the space in art of many types, but consider a sculpture for one of the gifts if you do. Sculptures are three-dimensional pieces of art that make a space come alive with movement and dimension that is unmatched by art that simply hangs on a wall. ModernDomicile offers an incredible selection of sculptures both for a tabletop surface as well as sculptures that attach to a wall to give a room even more depth than before.

Sculptures to Try:

Global Views – 4 Seasons Tree Sculpture4 Seasons Tree Sculpture by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Arched Back AcrobatArched Back Acrobat by Global Views Housewarming GiftsGlobal Views – Boom Wall SculptureBoom Wall Sculpture-Med by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Climb to the TopClimb To The Top Sculpture by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Diamond CubeDiamond Cube Objet, 8.75"L x 8.75"W x 6"H by Global Views

Gifting your loved one the ultimate housewarming gift is simple. Just consider the space they are moving into–like what sort of design style they are after–and choose gifts in colors and shapes that match it well. Here at ModernDomicile, we offer a wide array of housewarming gifts that are sure to make any space pop with a reinvigorating life that will allow your friend to immediately feel at home. Shop our selection of housewarming gifts today and please contact us with any design advice or questions that may arise.

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