Best Host and Hostess Gifts

Are you heading to a dinner party or celebration of some sort and find yourself unsure of what to bring for the host or hostess? You don’t want to spend too much and take away from the marvelous party being thrown, but you also do not want to bring something with no value to the host or hostess, either. ModernDomicile eliminates that conundrum with our wide selection of well-priced and valuable host and hostess gifts for every occasion.

+Sleek Vases+ 

Just about everyone in every location has a use for a beautiful vase or two. Vases are very versatile pieces that can be placed outdoors on a shady patio or inside on a kitchen or coffee table. Gifting a stunning vase is a simple way to ensure that the recipient has full control over what they do with their present from you–even if it sits without a flower in it as a standalone piece of art.

Pieces to try:

Amethyst Bottle VaseAmethyst Bottle Vase Hostess GiftsAquamarine Ruffle VaseAquamarine Ruffle Vase | 3.31016Chiseled Neck VaseChiseled Neck Vase Hostess GiftsGlobal Views – Diamond Cut Globe VaseDiamond Cut Globe Vase by Global ViewsGlobal Views – Forest BottleForest Bottle by Global Views Hostess Gifts

+Adorable Trinkets+ 

Able to go on a shelf or really just about anywhere, small trinkets and glass art are perfect gifts when you are not sure what else to give them. You allow them the freedom to place the trinkets on any shelf in the house, in the center of a coffee table, along the edge of a bookcase and so much more. ModernDomicile offers a number of small pieces and trinkets that would make an excellent gift of your gratitude to the host.

Pieces to try: 

Global Views – Animal SilverAnimal-Silver by Global Views Hostess GiftsGlobal Views – Octopus BlueOctopus by Global Views Hostess GiftsGlobal Views – Glass Kiwi Bird with BaseGlass Kiwi Bird w/Base by Global Views

+Helpful Barware Make Great Host and Hostess Gifts+ 

If your friend enjoys entertaining at home, they likely have a bar from which they like to make and serve their guests drinks. Perhaps they need to replace some common items like ice tongs or are lacking a decanter that you think they would enjoy. Help them along the way and show your appreciation of their time and energy all at once with a few gifts for the bar that can be added to their current collection.

Pieces to try:

Global Views – Ice Tongs – Stainless SteelIce Tongs-Stainless Steel by Global ViewsGlobal Views – High Shoulder DecanterHigh Shoulder Decanter-Clear by Global Views Product Code 6.60078Global Views – Cocktail Shaker Leather Wrapped – Ink – Stainless SteelCocktail Shaker-Leather Wrapped-Ink/Stainless Steel by Global Views Product Code 9.92314

+Trays and Bowls+ 

Both trays and bowls are incredibly useful for the host or hostess who enjoys entertaining guests. Trays are always useful for carrying drinks and hors d’oeuvres to anywhere in the home, and you never seem to have enough of them. Bowls provide places to hold snacks and goodies to serve to guests while they are enjoying themselves.

Pieces to try:

Global Views – Creature Bowl MatteCreature Bowl-Matte White by Global Views Hostess GiftsIndent BowlIndent Bowl Hostess GiftsElegant Oval Drinks TrayElegant Oval Drinks Tray by Barbara BarryEmil Rectangular TrayEmil Rectangular Tray Hostess Gifts

ModernDomicile is pleased to be able to help you to find the perfect gift for your next event, no matter who is hosting it. With our wide array of host and hostess gifts, you are sure to find exactly what you need to thank them for a wonderful time. If you find yourself unsure of what to get, however, contact us and let us lead you in the right direction!

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