Best Décor Gifts for Women

The holidays are just around the corner and perhaps you have been wondering what type of gift you should present to the woman in your life. It can be tricky business getting anyone, man or woman, a gift that you know they will love, but there are a few staples that never go out of style and that people just love to have. ModernDomicile has compiled a list of gifts for the women in your life, ones that will bring beautiful modern decor and undeniable happiness to their homes.

+Lively Planters+

Who doesn’t love to have a little greenery inside the home? Not only does implementing plants make a space happier and deliver more oxygen, it simply looks great to see a little life inside of a home. You can give a woman you love a planter and allow them to display their favorite succulents or flowers in a contemporary way with these ideas from ModernDomicile.

Gift Ideas for Planters:

Gus Modern – Fruit TroughGus Modern - Fruit Trough - Room Setting Gifts for WomenHead Planter WhiteHead Planter White Gifts for WomenStudio A – Wise EggWise Egg - Antique Gold Leaf by Studio A Gifts for WomenStudio A – Oxus Orchid Pot BronzeOxus Orchid Pot-Bronze by Studio A Gifts for Women


+Plush Pillows+ 

Pillows can be lovely and useful on any piece of sitting furniture: a sofa, a chaise, an arm or lounge chair and so much more. Gift the woman in your life a soft and comfortable pillow that they can use to settle in and relax any night of the week, and let them do so in style.

Gift Ideas for Pillows:

BB – 030 CeriseBB-030 - Cerise Pillows by Surya Gifts for WomenBB – 053 Coral PinkBB-034 - Coral Pink Pillows by Surya Gifts for WomenBB – 053 GrapeBB-053 - Grape Pillows by Surya Gifts for WomenDreamweavers – Executive Tie Tip PillowExecutive Tie Tip Pillow by Dreamweavers mixed Gifts for WomenDreamweavers – Mardi Gras PillowMardi Gras Pillow by Dreamweavers Multi Gifts for Women

+Warm Blankets+ 

Especially in the coming winter months, snuggling up under a warm blanket with a book and some hot tea, cocoa or coffee is one of the most relaxing ways to spend an evening. By gifting a throw blanket, you are offering all of that warmth and comfort in a fashionable way that the lady you love will want to drape over her favorite sofa or the chair in her reading nook for use on every chilly night of winter. 

Gift Ideas for Blankets:

Dreamweavers – Bamboo BlanketDove Gray Dreamweavers - Bamboo BlanketDreamweavers – Faux Fox Throwundefined Dreamweavers - Faux Fox ThrowDreamweavers – Velour Italian Square ThrowsVelour Italian Square Throws by Dreamweavers GreigeAnimal Design Throw and PillowAnimal Design Throw Gifts for Women Dreamweavers – Faux Mink ThrowDreamweavers - Faux Mink Throw

+Dazzling Candles Make Great Gifts for Women+ 

No matter who your loved one is or what they like, gifting a candle is a surefire way to their heart. Candles are comforting objects that provide soft light and gentle warmth to any space. Usually small, they can be placed anywhere where people are likely to be for a welcoming effect–and one that smells good, too.

Gift Ideas for Candles:

Global Views – Filled Candle – RubyFilled Candle-Ruby by Global Views Gifts for WomenGlobal Views – Hammered Copper Pillar CandleHammered Copper Pillar Candle by Global ViewsNEST – Classic Everyday Candle 8.1 ozNest - Classic Everyday Candle 8.1oz Gifts for Women Yuthica – Double Dipp CandleDouble Dipp Candle by Yuthica Gifts for WomenYuthica – Travel Tin CandleTravel Tin Candle by Yuthica Gifts for Women

At ModernDomicile, we offer a number of gifts to give to the special folks in your life. Help them stay warm and help keep their modern home beautiful and inviting with our selection of gift ideas. Contact us today with any questions you may have or if you desire any sort of style advice.

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