African Living Room Ideas Collection

If you’re looking for room ideas that will create a living room that is exotic yet still warm and inviting, African-inspired decor is a perfect solution. Pieces inspired by traditional African handicrafts and the African continent make for intriguing, captivating living spaces, and this collection of living room ideas will help you discover some unique ones for your living room.


  1. Intermix Collection Bronze Head

African Inspired Bronze Head


What It Is: A 7-inch by 7-inch by 16-inch resin sculpture finished to look like natural bronze


Why You’ll Love It:


This bronze head brings to mind genuine African statues but is available for a reasonable price, making it an economical way to add flair and visual interest to your living room.


How to Use It in Your Room Ideas:


Place the sculpture atop the mantel, on a side table or on a pedestal in an empty corner of your living room.



  1. Global Views Artisan Square Peg Accent Table

Artisan Square Peg Accent Table


What It Is: A modern 12-inch by 28-inch side table with an iron base and a black granite top


Why You’ll Love It:


The unique shapes featured in the iron pedestal of this table are inspired by the forms of African tools and will put a stylish finishing touch on your seating area.


How to Use It in Your Room Ideas:


Use two of these tables to flank a sofa or love seat or place one in a secondary seating area in the living room.



  1. Intermix Collection Paunchy Wood Vase

Pauchy Wood vase


What It Is: Striking vases made from exotic hardwood available in two sizes


Why You’ll Love It:


These vases have sensual, curving shapes that instantly add drama to a living room, and they bring to mind African artwork with their natural colors and intriguing contours.


How to Use It in Your Room Ideas:


Purchase just one of the vases to use on a small side table or buy both sizes and place them side by side on a larger end table or console table. The vases can also be placed on the floor or on a raised hearth, step or ledge.



  1. Global Views Gold Animals

Global View Animals



What It Is: Petite statuettes of antelope, giraffe, zebra, rhino and elephant African animals finished in gold


Why You’ll Love It:


These wild animal statuettes add a touch of whimsy to modern decor, but they are still elegant due to their luxe gold finish.


How to Use It in Your Room Ideas:


Purchase the entire set to display together on a shelf, accent table or mantel or spread the animals throughout the room to add flashes of gold to your decor. You can also purchase just one to fill up an empty spot on a console table or shelf.



The pieces showcased in this collection are just some of the African-inspired modern living furniture and contemporary decor items that you’ll find in the ModernDomicile collection. Check out entire selection of furnishings and accessories or contact us for some custom room ideas.


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