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Welcome to Interior Design Style Guide

Are you wondering where to begin with designing your home or work space?  Looking for inspiration, or  what to do with that piece you already have?

Well, if you have come across this page, Welcome!  Here you’ll find a collection of  tips, tricks, design inspiration, chic style boards, modern furniture and interior design musings.

We started this guide in response to our window shoppers.  We’ll explain!

Many a time, while working in our Studio in Edgewater, NJ, overlooking New York City,  we noticed people looking in at our displays,  and appear to be merely window shopping. Once we welcome them in, the recurring comments we got included “Oh, I thought everything was so expensive!” or, “I didn’t think there was anything I could afford”.

This got us thinking, WHY do our displays evoke that? We have $10 items, why did we appear unapproachable? The answer was not far off.  It did take us a while to decipher what was somewhat obvious, but we had taken for granted.

What is it you ask?  Well, simply put, we have a knack for combining items across varying price points to create fabulous spaces.

A science, an art, a talent?

We think a mash-up of all of these, coupled with a honed trust for what we like, makes this work.

Our hope is that YOU our customer/friend/well-wisher/browser/passer-by, gain something from this space, contribute to it with your feed-back, and end up living and working in the optimal spaces for you.

We do!


Glad you are here,


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ModernDomicile Interior Design Style Guide
A blog for the interior design enthusiast. Providing tips, tricks, looks and product recommendations by ModernDomicile. We love modern and contemporary furniture and design and fuse these into transitional and traditional settings to create an eclectic aesthetic with an individual flair.