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It’s time to consider giving your home an upgrade, but that can feel daunting when you consider just how much redecorating can cost you. Are you wondering how to decorate your home without breaking the bank? You may think it’s impossible, but it is not! There are a number of inexpensive ways to decorate your home–and you can even repurpose items you already own in brand new, exciting ways.

Use Mirrors to Create Unique Trays

For table and countertop decorations, grab an old mirror off of the wall in the hallway or find one from a thrift shop with a pleasing shape and size. Repurpose the
mirror into a stunning and functional tray by lining the back with a piece of felt in your favorite color for a quick and timeless accent piece.

Crimp Tray | 9.92342

Make your Bookshelf a Statement

Hesitant to commit to a wallpaper for an entire room in the house? Line the back of a
bookshelf instead! This will add a pop of color and pattern to your space in a subtle way that will catch the attention of your guests without being a glaring distraction.

Greek Key Etagere by Global Views

Transform Colored Bottles into Ornate Lamps

Find some old, colored bottles or a canister you don’t use often and line them on your table, window sill, or bookcases! For a creative way to give the space a bit more light, fashion them into eye-catching lamps by adding Christmas lights to the inside of them. Speaking of lamps, give your favorite lamps an upgrade with new lampshades. Keep that beautiful base and give it a new lease on life with fun patterns or colors that give your space your own personal flair.

Ribbed Bottle - Camel | 1.10244

Add a Pop of Color to Your Door

The first thing any of your guests see upon arriving at your home is your door. Why not make an affordable statement right from the get-go? Paint your front door an unconventional color to modernize any home without forgoing its original charm.

Courtesy of: Benjamin Moore

Bring Light Through Your Space with Curtains

You can never have too much light–opt to change the look and feel of your space by adding interior shutters that allow in more light than the ones on the outside. If charming shutters aren’t your style, go for some sheer, thin curtains that invite in more of that precious sunlight!

Dorset Side Table by Modloft

These are just a few of the ways you can revamp your space on a budget without making it look cheap! At ModernDomicile, you can find a large selection of accent pieces for under $100, included in the year round warehouse sale section of our store! Browse our selection today and let us help revitalize your home.

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